On June 21, 2018, CSGO released an update in which a new method was added. This was to define whether the people you queue will affect your matchmaking experience. Usually, before accepting the match, a trust factor is added to warn the player to provide a more reliable combination experience. The idea was successful because it ultimately provided fewer reports for low-trust participants and improved the overall user experience.

The trust factor is an alternative system to the current “Prime Matchmaking” option of CSGO used to match players who have linked their game account to a unique phone number.

Factors Considered in Matchmaking

At this time, it is not yet possible to formally determine the trust factor of the CSGO account, that is, the trust factor that matches the list of items used in the system. Also, the “confidence factors” pair will be continually updated and the factor records will soon become out of date. The trust factor is usually defined by looking at the user experience on CS: GO and Steam to ensure the system is as reliable as possible.

Other key factors that affect your trust in CSGO. If your account prohibits the use of VAC for games other than CSGO, your trust factor will inevitably decrease. Another thing to remember is that when you line up with a participant, they will automatically match you with a player whose trust factor is similar to the person with the lowest trust factor. Finally, if the Steam account you use to play CSGO is not yours, but you get it from someone else, it will have a negative impact on your matchmaking experience.

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Is Trust Factor Verifiable?

Currently, you cannot verify your trust factor. The purpose of the trust factor is to provide a more reliable matchmaking experience without the player having to bother to optimize anything. Trust factor matching will attempt to match related players, but just like skill groups, the types of players on the server will also vary based on the time of day, the area where the players are located, and the map where they are on the tail.

How to Improve Trust Factor? 

The only way to increase your trust factor is to become an active member of the agreement between CS: GO and Steam. Trust factor coupling will continue to improve, but to do so, all players need to legally play CS: GO and other Steam games. The more users play, the more knowledgeable the system will have and the more difficult it will be for the system to decide who to pair with.

Will achieving Prime Status increase the Trust Factor? 

Yes, the prime status can boost your trust. The phone number and CS: GO level are the factors used in the new trust factor comparison method. Users who previously had a prime status will benefit from this and their gaming experience. If you have not yet linked your Steam account to your primary phone number, we recommend that you link it; doing so will enhance your matchmaking experience.

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Will new players have a low Trust Factor? 

Not necessarily. The trust factor is affected by the user experience on Steam and CSGO. If you were an active member of the Steam community in the past, your trust factor in CSGO may be high.

It is not certain that new CS: GO players will receive a lower confidence factor rating. The docking system is not limited to CS: GO. If you have been an active member of the Steam community while playing other games, you can enter CS: GO with a high degree of confidence.

Will Trust Factor affect the Quality of Matches?

Yes. If your Trust Factor is low, poor quality matches are likely. This is especially true when meeting players. It is important to remember that when a player attends a party, the Trust Factor used is the Trust Factor of the lowest-rated member, so the party can cause most games to fail.

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