CSGO Smurf account and CSGO Ranked account is when an existing player creates other cheap CSGO accounts. This is done to play with others who are not as skilled, and one can easily rank up quickly. Some people do this to help increase the rookie elite of their friends without affecting their own or just to play easily on certain days, while some use it just to hack and trolling golden novae. There are people who practice seriously with the CSGO Smurf accounts.

There are others who own CSGO High Tier Accounts that have achieved a fairly high ranking in CSGO pairing, but need to practice some other weapon that they are not adept at. They are delivered to the CSGO Smurf account to match with less skilled players and practice a specific weapon. After a player wins 10 games, Counter-Strike Global Offensive gives them a ranking. For CSGO players who have mastered previous versions of CS like or CS Source, Get a Smurf in CS GO could be considered as their skills are higher than the ranked ones that have been awarded.

What is a Prime Account?

Players who have a Prime account in CS: GO are those who have connected their mobile phone to a Steam account and have reached level 21. This system adds another layer of security protection to your Steam account and acts as a filter for competing games in CS: GO, allowing Prime account holders to play against each other.

Valve introduced Prime accounts as an experiment to determine whether players will compete better with similar players who have Prime accounts. Since April 2016, the main account system has been activated. Having a prime account prevent Smurfs from playing on lower-ranked servers and ruin everyone else’s experience. However, since the game is playable for free, players can also choose to purchase a Prime membership from the Steam store.

Anyone who pays for a Global Offensive account is eligible for Rank Prime. This basically means that you can match the main account, which eliminates bots, scammers, etc., which provides a better quality of matches. The CSGO Prime account is just a better version of the free version of CSGO. When Valve created a free CSGO account, they invited a group of hackers who were not CSGO Prime players to join the game. They only matched with non-Prime owners (free version owners).

A Prime account is required to divide players into two categories:

  • Players who use Prime accounts are more trustworthy;
  • Players who do not use Prime accounts are mainly cheaters and Smurfs.

To get a CS: GO Prime account, you need to confirm that your phone number is not less than 21 on Steam and in private. Or, if you have a service badge, you can get a Prime account. You must click the “Details” button near the main account match string at the top of the CS:GO profile menu. After that, click Update.

Prime users are eligible to receive exclusive souvenirs, items, and weapon boxes, and have access to all community-operated servers. The MP5-SD Lab Rats skin is an exclusive product that Prime added for the first time, and more items have been added since then.


The real benefit of Prime is that it can avoid cheating. Unfortunately, in CSGO, especially at the lower levels, hackers and bots that are obstacles to composer com cheating law do not want to invest $14.99 in accounts that may be banned. Instead, they focused on non-prime accounts and disrupted the matching experience for non-prime users.

Being top-notch does not mean that you will avoid cheating completely, but it should help improve the game. Prime is not an anti-cheating, and will never be, but it is better than nothing.

What is a Non-Prime Account?

CSGO non-prime accounts are gradually becoming the best solution for players. When it comes to participating in major victories, these accounts become a lifeline. 

CSGO non-prime accounts follow a private ranking of below 21, and the most surprising part of CS GO non-prime accounts is that it provides 10 to 30 victories. This aspect represents true support for gamers. Compared with CSGO Prime accounts, these CS Go accounts are cheaper. Therefore, for every CS:GO game player, buying these non-prime accounts is a good decision.

After purchasing a non-prime account, you can start to learn the game and improve every day, while increasing the value of your account at no additional cost. Buy cheap non-prime accounts now and you will soon become a global elite. It is not difficult to reach the desired level. It requires hard work, consistent determination, and will power.

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Can Prime and Non-prime users play together?

If you are eager to play with friends without Prime status, you can still play with them. However, unfortunately, you will be paired with other non-core players. So, it’s better you get a prime account and play with your friends who also have the same.

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