Valorant Tips and Tricks

Valorant is a top-ranked first-person shooter (FPS), in the world.
Team Mahi is the highest-ranked Indian team at Valorant right now.
Manoj “Sentinal” Kashyap founded the Velocity Gaming team, now called Team Mahi. It includes Anuj “Amaterasu” Sharma, Tejas “rite2ace” Sawant, Karan [Excali] Mhaswadkar, and Sabyasachi (‘Antidote) Bose. Vibhor Vaid and Sagnik “Hellff” Roy.
They represented India at the PVP Esports Valorant Open Championships Region Finals in Singapore, which was scheduled for December 2020. Team Mahi came in third place in the online tournament. This proves that they are among the most skilled Valorant teams in Asia, and perhaps even in India.
We spoke with the athletes about their games and shared their tips with aspiring Valorant gamers.

Your agent’s strengths should be your focus
Each agent has unique strengths that will help you gain an edge. Learn from these agents how to best use their strengths. Here are some tips from Team Mahi
Phoenix’s flames can be used to damage enemies but also heal him when he is standing in them.
Boom Bot, Raze’s unique ability, travels on the ground and deals damage upon impact. Keep in mind that the Boom Bot can’t set fire to enemies if it doesn’t.
Omen can teleport. This is best when Omen is trying to diffuse bombs but doesn’t have enough time. Teleport to safe locations just before the bomb explodes, to save your gear.

Try practicing in lower ranks

One of the best tips is to harness your skills at a lower rank. You can buy lower-rank smurf accounts to learn the game and play competitive mode without fear of losing your rank. Shopvalorantaccount has a wide variety of Valorant accounts for sale, which come with instant delivery and 24/7 live chat support.

Communicate with your colleagues regularly
Before the match, talk to your teammates to discuss strategy and planning. During the match, call out enemy locations, in-game movements, and drop locations. It is also a good idea to have a discussion after the match to see if your tactics were successful.
Be as precise as possible when calling out locations during a game. You can make your opponent lose through miscommunication.

Shoot as many shots as you can.
Remember that goal acquisition is through muscle memory. Regular practice improves muscle memory. This can be done by keeping track of your practice scores and setting a benchmark to help you improve.
Before you begin competing in matches, spend at least 15 minutes practicing on The Range.

Avoid moving during the shooting phase.
You will need to know the basics of shooting if you’re new to FPS gaming. Before you can add movement to your character, practice hitting targets.

Learn about gun recoil
Whatever gun you choose, you should stick with it until your gun’s recoil is understood and your rate of fire is. These two components will help you become more proficient in shooting and make it easier to get kills.
Remember that gun recoil will occur with the first nine bullets. The gun will pull downwards so adjust by moving your mouse in the opposite way. The gun will move left to right from bullet 10 and beyond. You will need to adjust again.

In a head-on fight, use strafe movements
To win the battle, strafe shooting is a way to defeat your opponent if you’re facing them face-to-face, with no cover. You can strafe shoot by moving your character left-right-left very quickly by pressing the A’ and D keys. Although it is not an easy skill to master, it can be very useful in a single-on-one battle.
You will notice when strafing that your character is still standing for less than one second after you have moved left. You should then light a fire and move quickly.
Moving and shooting can be made easier by pressing the “Shift” key while moving up or down ropes. This increases your accuracy.

Make sure you have your crosshairs adjusted
Crosshair adjustments are essential in FPS games. There is no one right way to do crosshairs. It is up to you. Once you are comfortable with the game, you’ll be able to identify your crosshair requirements. Valorant allows you to adjust, tweak, and modify crosshairs at different levels.

You can adjust the sensitivity of your mouse
Your mouse sensitivity is another important tip for FPS games. Team Mahi recommends that your mouse sensitivity be so high that it can move 180 degrees in one swipe. This can be tested by placing your mouse on the left side of your pad and then moving it in a straight line toward the right. Once you have determined how much mouse sensitivity must be adjusted, go to Control Panel >> Mouse >> Optional Pointer Settings and make the adjustments.
You can practice your mouse sensitivity by practicing at the 6th mark of Pointer Options. Uncheck the “enhanced pointer precision” option. While this may make it difficult to snipe from a distance, you can still practice with these settings until your preferences are clear.

Pick according to the situation, but have a favorite gun
Team Mahi members answered a question about their favorite guns and said that they chose the Phantom (M4A1) as their top pick, followed by the Vandal (AK47), and the Operator (AWP). These guns are great for beginners. They cautioned that sometimes gun pickings should be based on the situation. Duellist Jett, for example, is highly mobile and can perform well with a shotgun.

Never jump while shooting. Always crouch.
Crouching helps to control recoil and makes the fight last longer. You have the best chance to win a one-on-one fight if you can simultaneously crouch or strafe. Avoid jumping and shooting, or you’ll miss your target.
Jumping is best used when you don’t want your opponent to have an exact shot at you while you are trying to cover. Jump in an irregular pattern when you are in this situation.

While running, use a knife
You will run faster if you have a knife instead of a gun. To make it easier to navigate the map, carry a knife.

Do not waste time in between rounds
Don’t wait for the next round if you have just won one round. These precious seconds are yours to search for better guns or equipment.