CS:GO Gold Nova I (GN-I) PRIME Account

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Product Details


CS:GO Gold Nova I (GN-I) PRIME Account

Accounts features:

  • CS:GO Rank: Gold Nova 1 (GN1)
  • Private Rank: Random
  • Wins: Random
  • Competitive Cool-down / Bans: None
  • VAC Status: Clean
  • No Third-party software used
  • Hours Played: Random
  • Prime Enabled: Yes (We Provide Phone Verification Service for Prime Accounts)

You will get following details on your e-mai:

  •  Steam username
  • Steam password
  • Email Linked with the Steam Account


Delivery Status

  • The account will be delivered to your E-mail address after successful Payment.

Instant Delivery

At Smurfsvilla, we take pride in the instant delivery of the services. It will be totally dependent upon what account would you choose, it can be ranked or unranked account and you can easily get the instant delivery from us.

Verified & Trusted

Fret not, as there is no third-party software or any hacking software involved in the operation. It is verified & trusted by the seasonal game players.

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