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Supreme Master First Class, which is also termed as SMFC accounts under the huge umbrella of Prime Accounts. This is just one rank lower than being Global. One has said right, that it is a game of the geniuses. Only the best players fit as an ideal match in this game. It is important to play this game frequently, and does the players will be able to rank higher in the CS: GO game. most of them are the veterans That have been seasoned in all kinds of status and have been playing for a long time now.


‘SMFC is one of the most elite ranks in this game. Only a few players are able to reach at this exceptional rank. They also add further saying that it is not just a random good rank but the best one out of the entire stage levels.’

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You will rank higher if you play consistently.

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Say NO to queue as we offer instant deliveries. The ranking system stands as one of the vital part to become a good player in this e-game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It gives the player as a support system to assign all the skills that you can put into the table. Also, the opponents and the teammates remain at the same level as you. For any more information, please feel free to contact us.

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Once the game level increases, so do the complexities. If you have invested in this game wholly, You have already crossed more than 3.39% amongst the other CS: GO players across the globe. To be the Supreme Master First Class, it refers to that you are have been placed in the room of more than a hundred old players that have been elite in this game. To quote it like this, one can say that you can beat at least 96 of them and as the experts say,


It has been positioned as 17/18 ranks and only 2.64% are able to reach up to this rank. These players are top-notch! That goes without a doubt saying that it demands a greater and a higher level of the position. However, as the great players have already observed at this level; one can ideally say that this rank is quite competitive to achieve. It cannot be taken for granted and all the budding players should be aware of that.

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At Smurfsvilla, we take pride in the instant delivery of the services. It will be totally dependent upon what account would you choose, it can be ranked or unranked account and you can easily get the instant delivery from us.

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When you take the account on a normal delivery. The account will be delivered on your PayPal account. Whereas, if you buy for an instant delivery, your account will be delivered directly. Make sure that you check your email twice in a row after making the final order.  
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You can contact us on Live Chat for any more doubts or concerns.  

Certainly, this will depend on when we are online. One can simply ask the Live Chat, and one of our executives will revert within less than 24 hours. Also, we have another option for instant deliveries. So, it is delivered as soon as you checkout from our account. Yes, even less than a second literally!

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