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Let’s be honest, it is not possible for a casual gamer who spends hours getting higher ranks. The rank that matters is not feasible to get for an average player. But what is possible is to get a Global Elite rank without spending a couple of hours like the usual gamer throughout the day.


CS: GO game has gained popularity in less than a few weeks once it landed on the Internet. Hundreds and thousands of players across the globe have already joined the lane and the no. of players keeps on increasing every time. Every minute, it is giving birth to a new player. You can play an endless number of matches on the platform. Being said that, it has become a difficult ride for the existing players to reach the elite ranks. Although, everyone is trying their best to upgrade in the best form and reach up to the most elite of the ranks in the Counter-Strike GO game. In addition to this, the Prime accounts offer various rank accounts. This rank constitutes of more than 0.7% of the population of the players that are available all across the world. Global Elite is an abode to all the pro players that have been playing for a long span now. To become a part of this top-level rank club, has a dream come true moment in itself. 


It may take years to become a participant of this club but it is worth the wait. You need to invest all your time to have become a pro player in the Global Elite rank. But thinking wisely, and spending a few hours on a daily basis one can achieve this rank and move further.

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Play effectively: At Smurfsvilla, we provide our avid CS: GO players the Global Elite rank to play effectively.

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Learn new skills: If you wish to learn more about this game then purchasing one is an ideal option. This will help you in positioning yourself as the top-level player and you can easily learn new skills to notch up in this game.

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You can buy the Global Elite rank account on our website. By purchasing, you can eradicate the restrictions of long gaming hours. The dedication that is achieved in order to achieve the higher rankings, one can fetch from this account. This will not just let you gain respect from other players but will share lower rankings. Global Elite is considered as the highest rank in CS: GO game, and the desired player will get so many benefits out of the same. He/she will get the respect of other players in the same game who have comparatively lower rankings than most players. To top it off, the player will also get numerous requests from many other players to play a game. Yes, this will be a new experience as the requested player won’t be able to experience how does it feel to play with a lower rank account. If you are also looking for an emotional experience on the same platform, then you must invest in the Global Elite ranked account of Counter-Strike GO right away. 


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Once purchased, you can play with the pro players of this gameplay. This will also help you in learning new skills and great teamwork in the game. 


Use a smart approach and win the game by learning the techniques. Thus, it will take just an ounce of a few minutes to do the transaction and take the account out from the cart. So, what are you waiting for? Get, Set, and Go! Do the hassle-free transaction today and get the best experience today.

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When you take the account on a normal delivery. The account will be delivered on your PayPal account. Whereas, if you buy for an instant delivery, your account will be delivered directly. Make sure that you check your email twice in a row after making the final order.  
You will be provided with : 
  • Steam account ID, and
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