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Prime account was initially introduced by Valve, in order to experience the matchmaking system of the game. All the players who are active participants of CS: GO Prime Account are able to play with different Prime Accounts. 

Different kinds of accounts are as follows:






However, to bring a twist they will get the same kind of opponents as they are in the game. To conclude, it refers to playing with the same players who have invested their time or money. Although, beware of the hackers and the cheaters around! You can simply get rid of them as that will increase the probability of fair matches on prime accounts. The sudden increase of the prime players will fetch far away from anti-cheating. The avid players who are looking up for the prime status can ultimately reach up to the level 21 in casual matches or to make it pretty easier, they can buy the steam for the appropriate price which is mentioned online. It is essential to link their accounts with their contact number. 

CS: GO assures confidentiality and will breach no information out. Other than that, it also guarantees many other advantages such as better gaming experience which tops the chart. The users of prime account also are able to get the exclusive souvenirs and other weapon drops. When you purchase with us, there is fun that goes twice the level and comes at a cost-efficient price for all budgets. We have created it likewise to eradicate any minimal fuss for our beloved customers.


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Silver Accounts

Silver accounts top the chart of prime accounts. Specifically, these accounts are created for beginners. So, if you’re good at shooting skills then you must go for the Silver accounts. If you are well aware of the CS GO maps, then you may want to invest in Silver Elite Master.

Master Guardian

You can easily go to the master garden prime accounts and find experienced players to compete with. It involves the ranking of the accounts such as Master Guardian Elite, and Distinguished Master Guardian, or Master Guardian 1-2.


For the ones who are pro at playing, who are a master for a supreme Master prime account must go for this one! All you need is to brush off your skills to perfect the gaming activities and create teamwork for better concentration. Simply go on our outlet, and click to buy our supreme Master account and remains a first-class player in CS: GO.

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At Smurfsvilla, we take pride in the instant delivery of the services. It will be totally dependent upon what account would you choose, it can be ranked or unranked account and you can easily get the instant delivery from us.

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Fret not, as there is no third-party software or any hacking software involved in the operation. It is verified & trusted by the seasonal game players.

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Is it an issue if you get kicked from the Counter-Strike game? 

Yes, it is ultimately counted as a loss if you have already been kicked out. Once kicked, there is a high probability to get banned, or in the worst-case scenario, you will get a black mark for initiating the kick if it keeps on happening again and again.

So, what’s keeping you at hold? 

Play right away. 

All of these accounts come at a nominal price for all kinds of customers. This also shows immediate delivery to the address mentioned. Needless to say, all these accounts are regulated by our in-house team. Make sure it is enjoyable for you and your mates! 


So, if you’re an experienced individual then your rankings will increase. All the ranks about your profile remain accumulative. It consists of a total of 40 profile ranks in this excellent game. There are different reflexes, and shooting skills that are used. It also takes various strategies and other tactics into consideration. It takes cooperation between all the players and measures your skills with the best of the utility usage. 


These stand as the best players in the industry and have struck a comprehensive amalgamation of strategy and mindful skills. Regardless of whether you are a fresher or an experienced person in the same, Smurfsvilla boosts your capabilities by providing all the accounts and raising your game level. Are you also looking for the best discounted deals? Then, you’re just a click away! Shop today.


To be honest, it means the opponent player has the same level of trust factor as you have and once you report him/her, it will automatically abate and you can see some amount has been decreased after every game.

Fret not! If your friend does not have a Prime account, you can still play with them. By the end of the day, you’ll be matched up with other non-Prime players.

Yes, it will certainly increase but been said that it will take time. As we can’t stress it enough by seeking a lot of factors involved in creating a trust factor. If some player gets 1000 commends, it will certainly boost and increase the trust factor. Start focusing on the game and help the CSGO community nationwide. It will certainly help with the trust factor every single time.

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