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One can always create a new Steam account at absolutely no cost. But the question arises here, how will you get this through? It only takes an empty profile to get started. So, why should you spend years just to level up? You can easily splurge on these games. With Smurfsvilla, one can easily purchase the Steam accounts and end up having plenty of games that can be downloaded easily. So if you are not in the mood to settle down with a Battle Royale, you can easily play the old strategical games. No, you don’t need to browse through the website for multiple stores. As everything is available in the steam collection which can be accessed through just one click.

One can certainly not deny the great experience that the Steam account provides. So if you’re looking for any new or the classic games, this is the paradise to be! This is the time when you should enter the arena and squander with thousands of gamers and make a mark. The best part is that you don’t need to squander a few euros to complete the gaming library. Now that you have already purchased the steam accounts, it is time to play whenever you wish for. Go ahead, you can easily invite your friends and start playing this created game in your gallery. 

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Amazing Things You Should Know

At Smurfsvilla, you can easily select your website and choose better rankings at a cheap price. Not all Steam accounts are made equal. Take a look at what they vary by:

Collection of Games:

At Smurfsvilla, we help you find the steam accounts that have few games in the libraries or even hundreds and thousands of the same.

Collection of DLCs

If you are an established gamer, then you must be aware that there are many paid and free episodes. All the games are visible on the steam account, so don’t forget to check their content that is easily accessed in the DLC section.

Steam Level

Even if you’re looking for an extended friend list or various profiles, it is better to get that account which has a high steam level. There are so many options that one surf from and choose wisely.

Account Age

This will be totally dependent upon the player of what he/she is looking for. Whether the individual is looking for an account that is created and already set up for more than 10 years or less. One can easily browse through multiple options on the page. Rest assured, you will be able to find the right results.


This is to ensure that the accounts that hold hundreds and thousands of games and the DLC that are more expensive than any other less playable content. This is the reason why one needs to filter their steam accounts by customizing through price categories for better and easier surfing and searching.

Hear from Gamers

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With Smurfsvilla, it has made it accessible that the player doesn’t need to wait until he/she becomes a righteous holder of the newly purchased Steam account. Once you have received your payment from our end, you may reach the seller. The concerned person will make sure that all the necessary details are shared for access. It is our job to remain vocal for guarding the game against any fraudulent activity or scope.


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Instant Delivery

At Smurfsvilla, we take pride in the instant delivery of the services. It will be totally dependent upon what account would you choose, it can be ranked or unranked account and you can easily get the instant delivery from us.

Verified & Trusted

Fret not, as there is no third-party software or any hacking software involved in the operation. It is verified & trusted by the seasonal game players.

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When you take the account on a normal delivery. The account will be delivered on your PayPal account. Whereas, if you buy for an instant delivery, your account will be delivered directly. Make sure that you check your email twice in a row after making the final order.  
You will be provided with : 
  • Steam account ID, and
  • Steam account password

You can contact us on Live Chat for any more doubts or concerns.  

Certainly, this will depend on when we are online. One can simply ask the Live Chat, and one of our executives will revert within less than 24 hours. Also, we have another option for instant deliveries. So, it is delivered as soon as you checkout from our account. Yes, even less than a second literally!

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