In today’s times, no other video game is as popular as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It has a huge number of players who are committed to playing CSGO regularly. But only a few of them know the real tricks and strategies of playing and winning in the game. The reason behind this is most of the players don’t take any measure to effectively improve their game skills.

The difference between ordinary and professional players is the effort they put in improving their skills in the game. However, for people interested in reaching the next level, we have compiled 10 powerful techniques to become experts in CSGO.


1. Learn to Aim with your Mind

You need to learn how to use guns better. Spraying method, fire rate and damage rate; all this information will help you defeat the enemy in a duel. Shooting accurately is better than spraying the entire clip without killing anyone. Before you buy any weapon, try to train yourself first. Discover different shooting angles and distances and feel the power of various weapons.

2. Change Strategy and Positioning in Every Round

The enemy gets used to your position and knows what to expect of you in the next round. Therefore, it is better to change your strategy and position. Even if you only change one point or exit point, you can confuse your enemies.

Choosing the right position will enable you to defeat the enemy. Use buildings on the map and reduce the opponent’s vision to easily deal with the opponent.

3. Know all the Points on the Map

Before starting to play the game on any map, it is necessary to study it carefully. Understanding the map in CSGO can distinguish professional players from beginners. They know where their enemies will appear and how to move in any situation.

Understanding the map can also improve the efficiency and speed of communication with teammates.

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4. Use Grenades Carefully

Generally, beginners throw grenades very rarely and intermediate players throw a lot of grenades without thinking much about it. On the other hand, professionals use a lot of grenades, but they do it in the most effective way.

Each grenade is more powerful than any other weapon. The correct smoke covers the right choke point or stride, freeing up time to track down the enemy or stop the fastest run.

There are many guides for each map and location. Learn how to scatter grenades on the map, which will have a positive impact on your gaming skills in CSGO.

5. Pay Attention to Your Timings

At different stages of the round, time plays a crucial role that professional players use in their favour. Usually, you will see a group of terrorists arrive at each bomb site 20 seconds before the end of the round. To do this effectively, they prepared accordingly and tried to expand the range of opponents and trick them by placing them elsewhere.

In these 20 seconds, you must kill 1-2 CT players and still have time to place the bomb. When making these dangerous moments work, always remember the time it takes to place the pump.

6. Sound is Important

Hearing the sound of the game is very important to the success of CSGO. In the game, you can fully navigate the sound to better understand your opponent’s movements.

Don’t forget that the enemy also hears your voice; you can manipulate them by forging certain sounds. Go where you want to be heard and walk quietly.

7. Pay Attention to the Radar

Compared with ordinary game players, professionals pay more attention to the radar. On the radar, you can see where your teammates are and which areas are still open to the enemy. If your teammates can see the opponent’s activities, you will also see their activities on the minimap.

Even if there is no teammate to provide correct information, you can sometimes feel the game situation based on the small map. Set up the minimap and use it effectively.

8. Don’t Rush to Kill the Enemy

Killing the enemy immediately is not always a good thing. Sometimes it is difficult to control yourself. But in CSGO, self-control will always bring you good results.

If you hit the enemy’s back, or if he passes you without paying attention to your position, don’t rush to kill him. You will not provide any information to your allies, so they will not expect to find your location. This is a simple way to secretly kill two or even three enemies.

9. Utilize Boosts

Most of the maps have places that you cannot reach alone. You must first jump on the back of your teammate. These places are called reinforcements. The upgrade effect will bring surprises to the enemy and sometimes bring a better vision in certain parts of the map.

The most important thing is not to abuse them; because the enemy will know which method you use and can use this knowledge. You can also buy CSGO skins and use them for your advantage in the game.

10. Go through the wall and the box on the right

The shooting physics in CSGO allows you to penetrate weak areas in walls, doors, and wooden boxes. By knowing where to shoot, you can hit the enemy from within.

Know the location of the camera on the map you are playing. You can shoot at walls, doors and boxes. But don’t shoot them in every round, because the enemy will get used to this and won’t be caught again.

With these tricks and hacks, you will definitely improve your game in CSGO and get better than most of the players. You can also buy CSGO Overwatch enabled accounts to get a higher ranking in the game and play with pro players to learn from them. To buy CSGO accounts at a pocket-friendly price.

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