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About Us

AAP is a professional body representing qualified practitioners from Ayurvedic faculty, practicing in Mumbai and its suburbs.

Ayurveda, or Science of life, is a comprehensive traditional system of medicine practiced in India and surrounding countries since thousands of years. With its holistic approach this ancient treasure of India can meet preventive as well as curative health care requirements of the masses.

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Our Foundation

In Year 1993, western suburbs of Mumbai, a young Ayurvedic practitioner with a vision in his eyes, contacted some like minded Ayurvedic practitioners in Borivali and surrounding areas.

With the objective of sharing their professional experiences with each other, around 8 to 10 Ayurvedic doctors gathered for the first informal clinical meeting on 4 th April, 1993, at Shri Bala Hanuman Hospital, Borivali (West). And the foundation of the structure called AAP was laid.

Those who attended that first ever meeting included senior practitioners like Dr. Gujar, Dr. Shah, Dr. Patel, Dr. Trivedi, Dr. Arlekar and the brain behind the meeting was none other than the founder president of the AAP, Dr. Nilesh Doshi who was also the first speaker to address the meeting.

As the no. of participants kept on expanding, the clinical meetings became a regular feature of the association. They were being held at different venues like Bala Hanuman hospital, Dr. C.J. Pandya’s clinic and Dr. Shamji Shah’s residence.


Our Journey

The strong foundation of AAP was further cemented in 1996 with formal registration of the association. The first managing committee took over the charge under the leadership of Dr. Nilesh Doshi.

Since than the association expanded its activities and got firmly established in the Ayurvedic fraternity. 2nd October, 2009, AAP witnessed a major transition when after a glorious tenure of XX long years; a new team was elected under the able leadership of Dr. Dilip Trivedi which is carrying forward its activities on solid and strong footings.