In CSGO, ranks play a huge role in determining the kind of player you are. Those who held high ranks are very proud of themselves in the game. The ranks represent that you have spent countless hours learning the game and using your expertise with your team players. However, you won’t find much information on how rankings work because many players tend to care about their arbitrary skill sets. Generally, if you keep playing better, your ranks will automatically improve. You can go for CSGO prime accounts to improve your game and get a better ranking.

There are 18 ranks in CSGO which are as follows –

1.  CSGO Silver Accounts

Silver I

Silver II

Silver III

Silver IV

Silver Elite 

Silver Elite master

2. CSGO Gold Accounts

Golden Nova I

Golden Nova II

Golden Nova III

Master Gold Nova

3. CSGO Master Guardian Accounts

Master Guardian I

Master Guardian II

Master Guardian Elite

Distinguished Master Guardian

4. CSGO Legendary Accounts
Legendary Eagle

Legendary Eagle Masters

5. CSGO Supreme Master Accounts

First Class Supreme Master

6. CSGO Global Elite Accounts

Global Elite

The competition is extremely fierce, and the newcomers of the game are ready to become elite players and continue to engage in playing the game regularly. Accordingly, the ranking system of each player varies.

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How to rank up and improve in CSGO

The most effective way to rank in CSGO in less duration is to play with like-minded players who have the same goal at the end of the day.

The players who are in queue with other critical players are more likely to win more rounds and more matches than more than 4 players who are in the individual queue. The most reliable way to find other serious players is to assist other passionate players on community servers or third-party sites. If you want your ranking to increase a bit then you should avoid playing solo or in a solo queue. There is a great possibility that you will meet those who are not much interested in the game and intentionally loses the game.


The ranking system will analyze the following – 

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have multiple medals in one hand or slide with various changes, CS: GO is one of the most effective games. Compared to the contrast players in this field, it will definitely test your skills and improve your ranking greatly. So, let the fun begin and keep playing!


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