From the beginning, CSGO is a very aggressive first-person shooter game. Players liked this game and are loyal to it. Since players have already participated in the game, the developers have been thinking about introducing CSGO Service Medal Accounts and serving these hardworking players. To implement this, they introduced CSGO service medals, CSGO Service Medal 2015, CSGO Service Medal 2016, CSGO Service Medal 2017, CSGO Service Medal 2018, and CSGO Service Medal, 2019.


CSGO Service Medals

After receiving the 2015 CS Go Service Medal, Valve Corp. decided to continue to perform these tasks repeatedly. They began awarding service medals every year. After this, everyone started taking interest in earning service medals, and since then all are curious about how to get medals in CSGO.

After introducing the 2015 medal, all subsequent medals have reached different levels. For every 40 private levels, you can unlock medals for the next level. Each level has different colored gems.

How to achieve the CSGO Service Medal immediately?

To earn the Service Medal of the present year medal, you must earn the “Private Ranking 40” by earning XP. You can easily earn XP by playing regularly. Try and explore all the available modes.

Well, generally you can’t get medals from previous years. However, with CSGO Smurfsvilla, this is completely possible. You can purchase all possible combinations of service medal accounts. These types of accounts are divided into 3 categories – High-tier, Mid-tier and Low-tier accounts. The greater the number of medals, the more premium account becomes. 

These days service medals have become very important in today’s market. Because it is difficult to get a service medal, therefore, it adds a lot of value to accounts with service medals.

Private Ranking System

You should also be familiar with the concept of a private ranking system and gain experience points (XP). XP starts at PR 0 and continues to increase until PR 40. The upper limit is 40, therefore, after earning the Service Medal, your level will reset to 0 again.

Each Private has a unique name and badge. Private rank is known as recruits and PR 40 is known as global general.

XP System

There is a properly defined system for earning experience points in the game.

XP is divided according to the game mode – 

  1. Competitive mode gives you 30 × rounds of XP.
  2. In Casual Mode, you will get 4 x Final Score amount of XP.
  3. Deathmatch mode gives you 0.2 x final results.
  4. The Demolition mode gives you 2.5 x the score.
  5. The Arms Race Mode gives you 1 x the final score.

The fastest and most effective way to get XP is to play Deathmatch. Each Deathmatch lasts 10 minutes; therefore, you can get a lot of XP right away.

You may find that you can easily get an unlimited amount of XP by following the XP chart above. But be patient, the csgo developers already know and have resolved this csgo vulnerability.

Reduced XP Penalty

If the player’s income points exceed the upper limit of the weekly experience value, a certain fine must be paid as a reduced experience value.

This is the applicable XP penalty distribution:

  1. If your weekly earned points are less than 4500 XP, you will get 4 times the XP + 3 times the weekly bonus experience.
  2. If your earned points are between 4500 XP and 6500 XP, you will get 2 times the XP gained + 1 times the weekly bonus XP.
  3. If your earned points are between 7500 XP and 11200 XP, you will get 1x Gained XP + 0x weekly bonus.
  4. If your earned points exceed 11,200 XP, it will be a disaster because you will only get 0.175 x get XP.

Well, this is a very difficult calculation. Therefore, you must clearly understand why the service badge is so important.

2020 Service Medal CSGO

The concept of service medals is developing rapidly. The 2020 Service Medal will be released very soon. You can get enough XP to reach 40 universal XP and get the 2020 service medal, so you can redeem the 2020 service medal on New Year’s Eve. Also, you only need to click the redeem button on New Year’s Eve to easily get our high-priced account. This will be much cheaper than all the work required to obtain a PR 40. According to Valve’s suggestion, the service medal is considered an item of great collectible value.

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